Devlin Duldulao publication spring boot and angular

Recently, Devlin Duldulao, Chief Senior Consultant and Evangelist at Inmeta published a book in which he shares his best practices and guides for writing maintainable code: "Spring Boot and Angular—Hands-on full-stack Web development with Java, Spring, and Angular."

Publisert: 09.02.2023

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Spring Boot and Angular publication by Devlin Duldulao

Spring Boot and Angular publication by Devlin Duldulao

As a Microsoft MVP and a Full Stack Cloud Engineer with over ten years of experience, Devlin is eager to contribute to increasing developers' knowledge from the early stage of development to deployment within the dedicated technologies.

"Spring Boot and Angular" is for you who want to dig more into the why and how of developing, explore what more the chosen technologies can give, and various applications of techniques. 

– When working as a developer, you often write code; when it works, you don't think more about it. But when bugs occur, you must fully understand what's happening in the code to solve the issue. I wanted to share best practices and guides that help developers write maintainable code", says Devlin.

As technology is ever-changing, Devlin believes diving deeper into the development subject is essential to succeed long-term.

The book's content is gathered from the best practices of working in the engineering team at Inmeta with the help of his professional colleagues and experts. The team works with a great variety of customers, technologies, and cases every day. Everything is based on experience working in the field. All summarized to guide how to make apps fast and secure with maintainable code that's easy to read for future developers.

Devlin is originally from Manila, Philippines, moved to Oslo in 2019, and has been working in Inmeta. He collaborates in enterprise cloud, web, and mobile development, spending his workdays on development and designing software solutions.

 Devlin Duldulao, Fullstack-utvikler i Inmeta

Devlin Duldulao, Chief Senior Consultant and Evangelist in Inmeta

The award-winning Inmeta Evangelist is passionate about helping developers improve their skills and stay updated on trending technology. Devlin runs several courses and workshops as part of Inmeta's Evangelist program. In addition to the Evangelist events, and in close partnership with Microsoft, Inmeta hosts various workshops on Microsoft Azure, where Devlin is an experienced instructor of the topics: Cloud Native Apps, Modernize Java Apps, .Net apps, and DevOps with GitHub.

Mohammad Yassin, Head of Engineering at Inmeta, says:

– "We are extremely proud to have Devlin on our engineering team. His skills and passion are a great asset to us, and we see Devlin as an integral part of our Evangelist program. I happily support him sharing with developers around the world to empower the workforce of tomorrow and enable greater quality systems.".