Knowledge Management Services with Microsoft Viva Topics

Use Viva Topics to organize the content and knowledge in your organization

Today, many people spend far too much of their working day looking for important information, files, and the right people in community portals, large digital archives, and collaboration platforms. Often, you can't find what you're looking for, and you create the same documents again, resulting in (both consciously and unconsciously) duplication of effort. For organizations, the repetition of this is both incredibly costly and unnecessary.

With Microsoft Viva Topics, which can be considered your company's intelligent Wikipedia, you can now explore opportunities for improved and simpler knowledge management services. We help you get started, and with you, we set the goal that all employees in your organization will more easily be able to get hold of the information and expertise they need, whether from projects, products, services, etc.

Our product experts, solution architects, and change managers are specialists and approved within the Microsoft Content AI Partner Program for Viva Topics and other family products such as Microsoft 365 Copilot and Microsoft Syntex. Combined with solid knowledge and experience, our team can easily and efficiently help you understand content.

Preferred Partner in Microsoft Content Services

Microsoft Preferred Content AI partner

Inmeta is recognized as Norway's only Preferred Partner in Microsoft Content Services. We work closely with Microsoft to discuss, learn, and provide field feedback on where Content Services is headed in the future and how it can be used today. In addition to our close collaboration with Microsoft, we gain access to information ahead of the market and can conduct workshops and meetings for our clients.

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